Cheap Parking at Bournemouth Airport

For airport parking Bournemouth there are three different car parks plus a drop off/collect zone for short stays.

As with any car park advanced booking is always advisable as it turns out cheaper plus you get assured a space. Some car parks will even reserve an exact parking bay for you for pre-booking online.


Parking at Bournemouth Airport


Drop off/Collect Zone

  • For parking up to 30 minutes only
  • Quick drop-offs and collections
  • Do not exceed the 30 minutes or you are liable to incur penalties
  • This is the cheapest of the parking places at the airport but not for long stays


Premium Car Park 1

  • This car park has to be pre-booked
  • The time it takes to get from the car park to the terminal is from 1 to 3 minutes
  • It has the convenience of wider parking spaces
  • Two people are eligible for security FastTrack when booking this car park


Car Park 2

  • This car park is good value for money
  • Booking online may get discounted prices
  • Pre-booking also guarantees a parking space
  • It is not too far a walk to the terminal and will take a maximum of 10 minutes


Car Park 3

  • Car park 3 is around a 7-minute walk maximum to the departure terminal but is the car park that is the closest to the arrivals terminal for those picking up passengers
  • This car park has limited spaces and will need to be pre-booked


Alternative parking

An alternative to airport parking Bournemouth one could find parking that does secure long term stays and is close to on the Yellow Buses service 737 route. This bus service runs between 6 am to 7 pm and will take a person to the Bournemouth airport.

Some of the Airport Hotels such as the City Lodge may accommodate some short-term parking stays.

For peace of mind and to know that your car is safe and secure it is best to park in the car parks offered by the Bournemouth airport. They are convenient and if booked in advanced it is as simple as collecting your luggage and heading to your parking place for a quick and easy exit out.

There are numerous parking websites that offer great discounts for booking through them and most of them have customer reviews and rating to check out to ensure that they are legitimate and offering the best prices. You are also able to compare prices this way!


Some of the top online parking booking websites are:

  • Bournemouth Airports car park booking system
  • APH
  • Airport Parking 4U
  • Bournemouth Airport Parking


Tips for Parking your car

  • Check the night before you go to the airport that your parking place is securely booked.
  • Make sure your number plate is correct on your booking ticket as this is linked to your parking
  • Leave a bit early so that if you get stuck in traffic there is no panic to get to the airport
  • Ensure that you have the correct directions to get the correct car park
  • Do not leave any valuables in your car especially if you are parking the car there overnight or for a long stay.


Bournemouth Airport Information

For information and advice, maps for getting to and from the airport the Bournemouth Airport Website has all the details you need on it.

It has a directions guide on it for a person to type in where they are leaving from and it will output directions tailored to getting you to the airport. Each car park has individual instructions and directions listed under the “Car Parking” section of the website.

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